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Re: Pityful: Fuji is the only killer of her own succes.

HansN46 wrote:

Danny, sorry, I'm not interested in starting an argument about this or anything else.

Hans, me either, I just have some opinions different from yours and I listed some recent Fuji cameras, which I think are good replacements of some older Fuji models. I posted picture and links to support my opinions, that's all. Sorry, if you think I am starting an argument here, it will be my last reply to your post here.

It's my opinion and experience that time after time Fuji has killed her own succes by starting a series of cameras and ruin it at last f.i. by over-increasing the sensor density, or by stopping the production of a succesful series, or by bringing out a not sufficiently tested and controlled cam, or whatever other reason.

Maybe those reasons are clear for someone else, but they are not for me and I feel sorry for it because I used to like the products Fuji initially releases in the digital imaging world.

If you think it is true, then there is no reason for you to buy anothe Fuji camera, who feed a loser with your money. I will buy other brand cameras which I think are better than what Fuji is offering, in my case, I the EXR sensor gives me the dynamic range I need for my night cityscapes shooting at reasonable cost.

So it's just what I wrote:

my "cri de coeur".

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Fujifilm Alternate Low Light Solution'

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