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Re: Poll: which FF

1. Canon's new FF range is 1D X and 5DIII. Do you intend buying either of these (or both or more than one)? Please be honest, window shopping doesn't count.

Yes, pre-ordered two 5D3 bodies, expect delivery next week (in Australia). If 5D3 failed to offer what it does, I would have bought a 1DX.

2. If Canon introduced a 1Ds X, as the 1D X but with FF sensor made using the 60D pixel (45MP), 6FPS, for a list price of $8000, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X or 5DIII, would you buy the 1Ds X instead or as well?

No. $8,000 is too much for a camera unless it offers 5D3 IQ at those 45MP. Then it would be the only camera anyone would ever need, really.

3. If Canon introduced a 3D, 5DIII with the 45MP sensor above, 3 FPS, otherwise as 5DIII, for a list price of $3500, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X, 1Ds X or 5DIII, would you buy the 3D instead or as well?

Not if the IQ was the same (or lower) than the 5D3 at 22MP. The whole point of keeping the sensor at 22MP for the 5D3 (and 18 for the 1DX) was because it allowed Canon to offer the best possible IQ it could with its current sensor technology (and a 2/3 to 1 stop improvement in RAW over the 5D2 is a big improvement in my opinion, given how good the 5D2 already is). If they drop a 45MP sensor with similar IQ into a similarly-priced body, they'd have a real problem convincing loyal and long-time customers to trust them again.

That said, I definitely see a 40MP+ sensor with D800-class IQ in Canon's future, if the D800 sells as well as anticipated, and if it starts eating into Canon's market share at the top end.

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