What is wrong with the T1i?

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Re: Canon's Stupid 1080p @20fps HANDICAP is partly to blame!

"I too love my Canon T1i (500d). It is a big upgrade from my 12mp Canon XSi (450d)"

Not much of an upgrade at all to me, my 450D sits right along side and is every bit as good.

"I really appreciates these features over 12mp XSi:

iso3200/6400 option that is badly needed in XSi"

Wow, I rarely even shoot at 800 ISO, and can't imagine ever going above 1,600. What pics I have taken at 800 ISO are wonderful on the XSI and T1i both, not a bit of difference. You really shoot at 6400 ISO? I can't imagine that.

" automatic peripheral vignette correction via lens database"

I don't like this feature and glad it's not on the XSI. I don't like it when the camera or DPP changes my pics according to some math. Just went through this ye4sterday, Dpp changing my pics from the park, sun was bright, and this options still tries to make my corners brighter when i don't want it to.

" better Auto_Light_Optimization that actually works"

Never use this either, the camera processes the file AFTER the exposure, I would never want that. This is not like Highlight tone priority, which both the XSI and t1i have. that alters your exposure to help before the shutter, it doesn't alter your file after the pic is taken like the other does.

"deeper jpeg buffer, not running out at 34 jpeg anymore emoticon - smile"

I don't even understand this one. I have a 8 gig card in both, same number of pics. can you explain this?

"3" 920K Anti-Glare LCD is a huge improvement over lousy 3" 230K low res XSi LCD"

yep, nicer screen on the t1i, but that mkes zero difference to me, I can see my shutter and AP settings just fine on the XSI.

" Improve Live View that allow you to preview White Balance before commit. Where as on XSi, I need to exit out of live view to change WB then activated LV."

Yuk, never use live view, I just don't see the need for it.

strange how we all love our specific functions on these cameras. I can see no real differences that mean anything to me where the T1i and XSI are concerned. I can't see a bit of difference in the IQ, not a bit. The XSI is a bit faster in continuous shooting, T1i has a bit better looking screen, and that doesn't mean much cause i don't do live view. I rarely ever shoot above 800 ISO, both are great at that setting, 1,600 as well, and that would be tops for my taste. I se my two bodies as complete equals for me, I have no preference either way for the things i use them for.

I am waiting on the UPS truck today for my new Sigma 17-50 EX OS HSM. It will go on either camera and both will take great phtos with it.

Strange, but I just got out my XSI with the classic 55-250 lens i hadn't used in a while, figured i would take it to the park while waiting for my sigma today. here is a couple pics from the XSI and 55-250. Still a good combo. that 55-250 is a fine lens, now called the "Nifty 250" I even forgot I had a dirty cpl filter on the front and took these pics with it on, would have been much better had I remembered to take it off.

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