The absolute most important thing Canon missed in the 5D3

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Offtopic Which gives me an idea.. the 1D(s) line shared mirror/pentaprism design, so the 1D viewfinder was actually masked to hide the rest of the image (1.3x vs FF). Why dodn't they just leave the entire field of view available and simply draw a rectangle to symbolize the actual image to be recorded. I'm sure a lot of us would prefer to see things around the frame to better decide what to put in and what to leave out.. Even more useful for sports (the original purpose of the 1D line) where something can suddenly enter the frame and ruin the picture. Offtopic

Great idea and always one of the points that made Leica viewfinders popular. On the 1D series with cropped sensor it could work as it shares some of the body castings with the FF versions but if you want the same on a FF DSLR it's going to make the mirror, mirror box and pentaprism larger than it already is. Would that be acceptable?

Probably not since the bodies are already big enough, but I thought the idea was valid for the aps-h and aps-c bodies.. especially the 1D line which was basically identical to the 1Ds (Chuck Westfall said it himself) up to VF masking and information display.

It just feels like a waste.. But now that the 1D line now is all FF, this idea has expired and I doubt anybody will think it's worth oversizing the 7d viewfinder just for this "weird" benefit.

Not weird at all in my opinion. If someone made such a viewfinder (and it didn't add too much to the overall size of the pentaprism area) it;s my guess that many users, especially for action photography, would be asking why aren't most DSLRs like this?

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