Nokia 808 Pureview 41 Megapixel Phone : How This Phone Compares To N8 In Low Light?

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About resolution of "decent" lens

Menneisyys wrote:

Well, there ARE cases when you'll want to use the full res. After all, it's still better detailed than even the 8 Mpixel binned mode. (The latter equaling effectively to an appr. 24 Mpixel Bayer sensor camera with decent - max. 50% resolution loss in the corners, as with the 808's lens - glass.) I've even published comparative shots of the full res vs. 8 Mpixel binned detail level.

I checked the high res samples and they're very good for a phone or compact camera. But so is lighting which is quite optimal daylight sun with lot of contrast.

A big but: I don't know what 24MP camera you're referring to, but your claim against Bayer sensor with 8MP binned image is not true. You can get good sharpness at 1:1 level with a decent lens. And I don't mean higher priced pro glass, but rather low priced prime lenses. You can't upscale from 8MP to get the same resolution.

While obviously best of the class for daylight wide-angle situations, that solution will propably struggle with low light when longer focal length/magnification is needed. High noise and digital zoom combined will very likely degrade image quality very fast.

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