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Started Mar 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
GatanoII Regular Member • Posts: 283
for me, NO current Canon FF reasonable for upgrade right now.

I'll stay with Canon (I like the EOS system), but I wont buy anything from them until they offer some upgrades (or I break something) that will improve the output of my cameras to a significant extent, i.e.:

a rugged FF camera with more 40MP@5fps at least, the 61point pro AF and 100kpixel metering, at least 1/250 x-sync, 4K@24fps video and 1080P@60fps, fast auto focus during video for sport and events at least at 1080p (not required but welcome at 4K resolution)

the same as above but APS-C (I like a mixed system FF and crop) about 30MP is acceptable, but the frame rate must be higher

once Canon shows products with similar spec I'll start again to buy in the system and add some new glasses and flashes (at least, I like the new wireless system)

so none of the cameras you describe is what I'll like to have to justify an upgrade, anyone must track a virtual line of what he/she needs to be worth an upgrade, otherwise just use what you already have (unless the equipment you have is extremely limited for your current needs)

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