5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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D800 should be better than Pentax 645D

D800 should have better image quality even with a same performance sensor that
for Pentax 645D, the fastest lenses are f/2.8, and
for D800, the fastest lenses are f/1.4 (excl. some rare ones few people use).
so, on the lens side, D800 got 2 stops advantage.

645D has a sensor about 1.7 times area of D800,
that means 0.76 stops better IQ at the same exposure.
then D800 have a 2 - 0.76 = 1.24 stop advantage over 645D.

specifically D800 + 50/1.8 stopped down to f/2 will still beat 645D + 75/2.8.
adding to that, D800 should have a far better sensor.

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