5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

BadBeta wrote:

Why don't you ever think... oooh this camera COULD be more useful with better AF? Or ooh this camera COULD be more useful with more fps? It's the same argument... it's just which one of those specs are more interesting to you.

Well, the 5D line has so far been about focus on high IQ and resolution at the expense of other specifications. And the 5D line has been a success doing that, even though Canon has had others cameras with both better AF and better FPS. It tells me that there are plenty of people who make the same prioritization again - and most of them actually owns a 5D already. So all this talk about there not be a market for a 5D with higher resolution and lower FPS: look at all the existing 5D customers.

That could be an interpretation of the 5D line, but I actually think every new generation had different focuses.

The first 5D was, how can we make the most affordable full frame camera. Yes it had great IQ, but that was just because of the full frame sensor.

The 5D2, was "how can we improve on the 5D?" The improved it by going megapixels yes, but the over IQ didn't really improve much. The biggest improvement was video and that's what made the 5D2 a hit.

This totally changed the game. Now a lot of photojournalists and pure video people picked up the 5D. These people were never interested in resolution (not still resolution at least). The 5D2 appealed to the megapixel crowd as well as to these other crowds.

With the 5D3, Canon basically just listened to all of the complaints about the 5D2 and fixed those. The AF, weathersealing etc. A lot of these complaints were coming from the pros ... PJ, pro video, wedding etc crowd. So Canon fixed the complaints and upped the price point to pay for it.

Now this leaves out some people, but I think Canon knows this and will respond with a 6D or something of the sort. But as you can see, I don't think Canon had this theme of "highest resolution and IQ without other features" theme going throughout the entire line. They target actual market segments of customers, not some concept of "high res and IQ camera."

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