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michaeljberman wrote:

On my D700, I sometimes want to use only one walk around lens. I have been using any older 24-120 VR f3.5-whatever.

The lens was never very well built. (OK, my other two main lens are 17-> 35 & 70-> 200 f2.8’s which are great, just big and heavy), but in the last few years the 24-> 120 is getting a little more sloppy in feel.

So I am looking at the newer Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 or 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6. I have played with the new 24-> 120 feels a lot nicer, but the 28-300 sounds very nice, but the fixed f4 has some of the feel (OK, just a little) of the feel of the f2.8’s. I do like the idea of a nice set of f4 lens being a good step up from the kit lens.

So please give me your ideas, the cost different is not a big thing.



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If you have low standards, you can take a look:

I went through this same dilemma very recently. I had a bunch of Amex points, and they're having a discount on purchases this month, so I had enough to get two decent lenses. I'm going to be getting a D400 or D800 to replace my current D300, so I was debating on the 24-120 or the 24-70; and the 14-24. I finally decided to get the two f/2.8 lenses, because it seems that, while the 24-120 is well regarded, the 24-70 is considered more like a grail lens. And I figured that later on, it would be easier to shell out $1300 for the f/4 lens than $2000 for the f/2.8 lens if I wanted the other.

But it was a close call, so if you like the range of the 24-120VR f/4, I'd say to get it!

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