5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

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Re: 5dIII a DUD for landscape photographers

I "get" the argument, but to me it misses the point,

I have an iPad2. It works fine. I don't need more Mpix. But in the back of my mind is the little voice that says "but it COULD be more useful". Which is why I will buy an iPad3..

With all due respect to these arguments, every step change in resolution has bought these arguments forth. They are worth no more now than they were then.


I have a question, are there really THAT MANY people out making money from selling large, landscape images?

It just seems to me, everyone I know who does landscapes with no exception, dont make any large sums of money from it. But yet, everyone I know who shoots 12 y/o playing baseball, makes a ton of money..

Randplaty wrote:

Canon specifically said that they were targeting general photography which unfortunately could not be everyone and the people they chose to leave out were landscape photographers. Canon knew they couldn't please everyone and they chose landscape photographers as the ones not to please. If they had put more megapixels in it, it would have cost them FPS which would have cost them photojournalists and sports photographers. So they chose the PJ and sports people instead. Sorry.

Maybe next camera they come out with will have more megapixels but you can't blame Canon for making a market based decision.

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