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There are lots of threads discussing the merits of the 1D X, 5D III and D800. This thread isn't about which you want, or which is best - it's trying to discover which product options might play best for Canon. So, three questions.

1. Canon's new FF range is 1D X and 5DIII. Do you intend buying either of these (or both or more than one)? Please be honest, window shopping doesn't count.

2. If Canon introduced a 1Ds X, as the 1D X but with FF sensor made using the 60D pixel (45MP), 6FPS, for a list price of $8000, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X or 5DIII, would you buy the 1Ds X instead or as well?

3. If Canon introduced a 3D, 5DIII with the 45MP sensor above, 3 FPS, otherwise as 5DIII, for a list price of $3500, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X, 1Ds X or 5DIII, would you buy the 3D instead or as well?

I will not be buying the canon 5 d mark 3 or the 1 d x . I will buy the canon 1 d s x/ 1dx at 8000 dollars and 5 d x / 3 d 3500-4500 dollars . The Canon 5d3 is in my opinion too much of an incremental upgrade and does not suite the type of photography I do any better than my two Canon 5D2 bodies. If I do not hear of an announcement of a high resolution camera from Canon soon I will go forward with a pre order of two Nikon d 800's. It's still not too late for Canon - all they have to do is pre announce a high resolution camera like they did with the 1DX. - 6 months in advance of shipping. This piece of news would make me cancel my nikon d 800 pre order right away.

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