Myths on RAW vs. JPEG

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phototransformations wrote:

Of course, for sharing with friends and relatives, a fine-tuned Lightroom or ACR that applied your preferences automatically based on presets you selected could probably do a better job, with most cameras, than the JPEG engine, and that would require a total of about 2 minutes of your time. Then you could share the batch-processed files with your friends and relatives and still have the RAW files for more serious editing of the pictures you wanted to turn into masterpieces.

I used to shoot almost exclusively JPEG, but in the past couple of years ACR has surpassed JPEG engines, at least with the Samsung and Panasonic cameras I use, so it got to be worth my time to set it up with basic preferences for each camera, for each possible ISO. Most of the time the JPEG is still "good enough," but the RAWs, even the batch-processed ones, are almost always slightly more to my liking and have the potential to be much more so when I put in the time.

As a friend of mine says, "it's all good." In the film era I preferred negatives to slides, though slides also had their purposes. It makes no sense, as some have done in this and other threads, to call either the RAW shooter or the JPEG shooter not "serious." There are good and bad photographers in both camps.

Vlad S wrote:

tgutgu wrote:

To associate RAW with a waste of time is a misconception per se for creative people. If you haven't time to spend 15 minutes with your best images, you really become a slave of the camera vendor's image interpretation.

When I come back from a two week long vacation I will have around 200 keepers that I like to share with friends and relatives. To spend 15 minutes on each of the images will take 50 hours. This is equivalent to a week's worth of work, 8 hours/day. I can't do that, because I have my day job, my housekeeping duties, and my social life. So if I only work on my images 1 hour/day that will take almost 2 months before I can show them. For me, a good JPEG engine would have a very clear and tangible benefit.


I don't understand if shooting raw, why you would batch process. Aren't all exposures different?

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