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Randplaty wrote:

technic wrote:

Skip M wrote:

There is more to IQ than resolution. Canon has maximized the 5D mkIII for general use (if one can be said to maximize anything for general use).

the market will decide. I think they are wrong with this jack of all trades approach.

I don't think it's a jack of all trades approach. The 5D3 is targeted for a higher market segment due to price. So they are focusing. A camera designed for general use can be focused because they've priced some people out of the camera.

Just offering another perspective. I think every new FF fulfills a jack-of-all-trade moniker. They all don't really have any serious flaws.

I speculate ppl are just complaining cos the 5D3 doesn't have a 'special talent' and it's 'only' an excellent rounded product.
The D800 is also well rounded but it's special talent is resolution.

Both the 1Dx and D4 are also well rounded with a special talent for speed and high ISO performance.

It's all a bit silly IMO, one just needs to learn to maximize the nuances of each particular camera.

In all this discussion, and the wailing and hair pulling over the resolution difference, no one has remarked that Nikon chose to keep the D4 at a lower resolution than any of the new cameras being introduced, lower than the 18mp 1DX, 22mp 5D mkIII and even their own D800.

maybe because the D4 is clearly aimed at a different market than the 5/5D2 was?

And maybe the 5D3 is aimed at a different market than the 5D2.

16 vs 18. Again speculation on my part but I think speed and workflow are the driving parameters for the D4 and 1Dx. I disagree with whoever said that IQ ought to be the driving force for all cameras. Previously perhaps so but I think IQ has reached a level in FF cameras that they're all good enough. Optimization for a specific area might give a particular model an edge. Which comes back to my 'special talent' argument.

I think we may have a few surprises when all these cameras ships, to find that top IQ may not be in the 1Dx nor D4.

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