Help : problem with taking pictures of scenes with highlights

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Re: Help : problem with taking pictures of scenes with highlights


You've probably deduced why I have more success - if I'm not shooting 'golden hour(s)', I'm either shooting the hour past sunset, or in an environment that has a lot more ambient light, lowering the overall DR and contrast a little.

Sorry - just realized that when you pointed it out.

The sample street scene looks like it has no ambient light from signage or lighting, other than that hitting within a few feet of each light source. There's no faint sky afterglow or high street lamps that, while they won't show up as bright, will at least provide a minimal level of illumination, given something like 30-90 seconds exposure.

Plus I'm using the SD14, which tends to have a bit better DR than the 15.

If I have a chance later, I'll try to post a pic or two to show that you can get some really beautiful tonality and naturally saturated colours. I do agree though that, at least with my SD14, lack of blue wavelengths can't be fixed adequately in post, losing a further chunk of exposure light from the filter factor.

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