has anyone used this hairlight softbox?

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Re: has anyone used this hairlight softbox?

Yes, I use a 1x3 strip mounted off the ceiling (using a short Bogen wall boom). I DON'T use the grid - no need if you get the box above the background - say at about 8 -9 feet - you actually don't point it directly downward- just at a slight angle down. What that does is bounce the hair light off of the top baffle and downward and also keeps the hair light from hitting the shoulders. The overall height and angle also results in absolutely no chance of the light hitting the lens. Using the grid will make it too directional and prevent you from using the bounce.

I love the 36" length - I can do a single or a group and NEVER have to adjust the position of that hair light.

I actually use a 2nd 75" strip facing the BG from above (opposite my hair light) to fully light white 9-12' BGs perfectly evenly top to bottom with a single monolight - it saves a light and the lighting is more even with no fall-off or spill top to bottom or left to right.


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