Future od Sony DSLR - shall I stay or should I go?

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Zeiss lenses

Given what I know about CZ, Sony would have a very, very difficult time getting them to agree to a FF zoom or a lightweight prime; it just doesn't seem to fit their history or mission statement (and they probably won't produce AF for anyone else; Sony's got a very special agreement).

Do you want more lenses for the sake of a collection, or is there something that's lacking for your type of photography? While there ARE different qualities of the different lenses, there's a very old school that says [that] for many situations you can move forward or back (there's a great exercise that dumps students in an area with just a single prime lens, to see how the artificial (mental) limits affect the shooting).

Also remember that you can now manually focus very effectively with Sony SLT cameras (and Nex) - that could open up a whole new world of CZ glass, if you really need it. Having experienced EVF and LCD manual focusing, I'd easily rate it above AF - there's just no comparison: you're getting exactly the point you wanted to focus on, and that easily advances [any lenses you do have] by quite a bit.

I hope you find what you're seeking, but I don't know that Sony will provide what you're asking for ... but then again you've already said there aren't any real alternatives, since you're hooked on Zeiss glass (made by Sony or others, of course). For my part, I don't let [the lack of a lens] set me back in most circumstances (the shot I take is always better than the one I didn't). Best of luck with this.


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