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Re: Poll: which FF

1. Canon's new FF range is 1D X and 5DIII. Do you intend buying either of these (or both or more than one)? Please be honest, window shopping doesn't count.

Yup. I'm still in line for a 1D X.

2. If Canon introduced a 1Ds X, as the 1D X but with FF sensor made using the 60D pixel (45MP), 6FPS, for a list price of $8000, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X or 5DIII, would you buy the 1Ds X instead or as well?

No, I want the high ISO and action features of the 1D X, and I also can't justify having a second expensive body. At least not now...

Either way, I feel that such a body should be priced in between a 5D III and 1D X. The sensor shouldn't cost much more than any other full-frame sensor, should it? So that makes the rest of the body a 1D X without the fast FPS.

3. If Canon introduced a 3D, 5DIII with the 45MP sensor above, 3 FPS, otherwise as 5DIII, for a list price of $3500, would you buy this? If so, and you had intended buying a 1D X, 1Ds X or 5DIII, would you buy the 3D instead or as well?

I would consider getting that as a second body to the 1D X. The split would essentially be the versatile 1D X, and the 3D for landscapes or art. I could dual wield those two for events.

But, given that the 1D X is already a big purchase (and Canon's coming out with lots of expensive lenses this year), I may wait for the 3D mark II. Waiting a bit to benefit from better sensor performance may not be a bad thing too. The 18 MP on the 1D X is really already quite high, so waiting won't be too painful.


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