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Re: Funny things from C300 vs Scarlet-X

Scarlet is fully functional a 14k - the other 6k is just niceties - but has many more features than C300 at that price point... 60fps etc

Karl Burke wrote:

C300 vs Scarlet-X ... some funny things

Canon C300 with 8.3mp sensor shoots max video 1080p at 30fps for $20,000. It does not shoot still images. Two separate models , C300 for Canon EF lenses and C300 PL for PL lenses.

Red Scarlet-X shoots 13.8MP stills (5K) max at 12fps and max video at 4K max 25fps , higher fps with lower res. This is $9750 !! Moreover, lens mounts are interchangeable. I've heard they are working on Nikon mount also. Sensor is also upgradable.

$9,750 buys you the basic Scarlet-X brick AFAIK - by the time you've bought all the bits and bobs to make it usable, you're at $20,000 no problem. The C300 you can use right out of the box and is targeted more at broadcast documentary work as far as I can see.

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