Help Understanding Lightroom

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Help Understanding Lightroom

Hi Folks,

Like many others I am looking for an effective way to manage thousands of images that I have stored on a variety of different drives.

I have heard that Lightroom is supposed to be quite good at this. I have been reading what I can find about the program, but am quite confused how it works.

It is stated that editing with Lightroom is nondestructive. The Library created does not move the original image to this folder, apparently a new image is made and stored here in the Library. So, my first question is "Does this mean the new image created in the Library is the same resolution as my image sitting somewhere on one of my harddrives? In effect, another copy of my image? And any editing done is done to this image and therefore my original image is unaffected and therefore it is a nondestructive technique?

If this is the way it works, then I am doublling my space requirements for my images.

My next question is, If I load all my images from multiple drives into the Lightroom Library does the program allow me to search thru all these images and then tell me on which drive the image is located?

Or, is it unnecessry for me to find the original image since I will edit the copy Lightroom made and included in the Library. The advantage to the program here would be that I don't have to search thru all my drives to find the image. I only have to search the LIghtroom Library. Of course if the copies are full size I would need space on one drive to hold all the images.

If the copy made by Lightroom is a low res image, then I would need to know which drive it is on so that I could retrieve it for editing. Would Lightroom tell me which drive it is on?

I am probably way off base here, and would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how the Lightroom program would make managing many images on several drives
easier and effective.


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