Do i Need 36 megapixels?

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Teila Day
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It makes sense to ask

Rational wrote:

The ignorance is on your part for not having understood the posting. Think before you object to a posting.

The poster your responding to probably thought your post didn't make any applicable sense?

I don't know if the OP is serious or not, but the question isn't a dumb one. It could've been better posed, but regardless most intelligent adults understands the poster's question.

Your response about film isn't relative in a practical sense because whether I'm shooting an a Nikon F6, F5, F100 or Pentax K1000 my applicable resolution and fidelity of the resulting file or print is most dependent on the film... which makes what camera the film was stuck in not very relevant compared to sensors that are permanently affixed to most dslrs and respective performance can vary between each camera on a multitude of levels that doesn't apply to shooting film.

People used to ask whether or not the various film sizes would benefit their particular photography needs, and that is basically what the OP asked.

Hardly a silly question, especially when a significant number of photographers fail to realize the many benefits of resolution aside from printing.
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