Venture into Micro-Four-Thirds aborted - returned the E-PM1

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Re: Venture into Micro-Four-Thirds aborted - returned the E-PM1

"I'd bet their marketing folks see the lesser Pens as the starter cameras and the array of lenses is now broader with the new 4/3s adapter."

That is what their press release said, but it's pretty silly. 4/3 lenses can be adapted to m4/3 cameras, m4/3 lenses can't be adapted to the E-5.

If I have m4/3 cameras and lenses, and I decide that I need to "move up" to a DSLR for whatever reason (bigger sensor, more "professional", whatever) there's no incentive for me to choose Olympus, because I'll have to buy all new lenses anyway.

Part of the point of the entry-level dslrs from Canikon, etc, is that once you have a few lenses it becomes more difficult to switch brands when you want/need a higher end camera. Doesn't work for the E-5, so they might as well just kill it now.

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