X100 - the best camera I've ever used!

Started Mar 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: X100 - the best camera I've ever used!

Hi pjln, thank you for looking. D7k was not meant for me, and I couldn't get along with it. Maybe I was not willing to give enough time and patience to learn the system. But I did not have time, the results I got were not good enough, and surprisingly, the same sensor Sony a580 gave me better pictures, better focus and spot on shots, and more realistic skin tones. D7k is a good machine, but I failed to drive it, so it's more personal than pin pointing the camera fault. I moved to the 60d from that one and got along with in no time. It was a pleasure working with video on the 60d, but even a 550d could do the same thing, so I sold it, and weighed out the 550d and the x100. Got the x100, and I do miss video like on the canon, but I'm now saving for a ff canon. Xmas hopefully.


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