Venture into Micro-Four-Thirds aborted - returned the E-PM1

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Re: Venture into Micro-Four-Thirds aborted - returned the E-PM1

Allbrands, you are not alone. I have a micro 4/3 camera, and like it well enough, but haven't been able to bring myself to dump my E-420 or E-620, because the experience of shooting with them is so pleasant.

For me, they are exactly the right size. Much smaller than other dslrs, but not so small that the controls are fiddly, or that they are difficult to hold on to. People complain about the "small" viewfinders, but they're bright and sharp. And for me, they certainly beat having no built-in viewfinder at all.

I'm sad that the line has been discontinued. Olympus apparently intends to continue the E-5, but I'm not sure who they think will "move up" to it when there are no starter cameras with that lens mount.

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