Video Editing for Sony MTS files?

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Re: Video Editing for Sony MTS files?

José Ramos wrote:

Personally, I do absolutely recommend one Pinnacle product - Pinnacle Avid. After trying virtually every alternative, Pinnacle Avid is without a doubt the fastest and most intuitive video editor I´ve used.

I admit that Adobe Premiere Elements 10 editor is probably not the easiest video editor to use. But speed-wise? On a good system with a 64 bit version of Windows, it is going to totally blow away Pinnacle Avid in rendering videos.

Now if one has an older PC with only a 32 bit version of Windows, it is true one will probably not see any significant difference between the two. But PC's have been shipping with 64 bit Windows 7 for a long time now. And especially if your PC has 4 cores or more in it, you are then going to have a tremendous edge in processing power using a 64 bit Windows application like Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

Of course, if you don't mind waiting forever for your videos to render, then this is not any consideration. But for anyone working with AVCHD files and doing any significant amount of video shooting, these advantages are a huge benefit. I'm shooting 20 minute, even 30 minute videos sometimes. For someone shooting only short little clips, then the difference would not be so pronounced.

But in my case, it makes a world of difference.

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