Canon 5D3 UK prices

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The reviews

As a 40D and 5Dii owner, it will all be down to the reviews.

At the moment I suspect that I will be unable to take a better picture with the Mk3 than I can with the Mk2. That was of course not the case with the Mk2, which was a groundbreaking upgrade. As was the original, a groundbreaking FF camera.

If, and it's a big IF, Canon somehow managed to get around 2 stops better low light performance in RAW from the Mk3, then I will buy one (in Hong Kong, not here in the UK).

I look forward to the reviews.

Otherwise I am more than happy with my amazing 5Dii.

It is highly unlikely I would switch to the D800, even if it proves to have better reviews. We all know that the next Canon will have to beat Nikon, and then Nikon will again leapfrog Canon etc etc. I've got an excellent collection of Canon lenses (mostly L) and most have no Nikon counterpart, albeit a couple of wide Nikons are superior.

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