Impressive Q performance with a DA300: Q beats the K20D in IQ

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Re: No it doesn't!

audiobomber wrote:

viking79 wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

stern wrote:

Q beats the K20D in IQ

Did you actually read the thread? See post #5:

"The enlarged K20D image was increased by approximately 350% in photoshop (no wonder it doesn't look good)".

DXOMark shows the K20D beats the Q in every possible way.

I think the point was that the Q does have an advantage in terms of pixel density, so cropped to the field of view of the Q, the K20D isn't as good with a lens that is suitable resolution for the Q.

I have no issue with that, but I object to the inflammatory and misleading thread title.

Cool down! Nothing "inflammatory" here. I just liked the Q output better in that forum than K20's and stated that the Q is a worthy companion for otherwise DSLR toting serious photogs in case they are in need of a small compact (which happens every now and then). Some Q-Pics (funny word...) have even made it into the PPG gallery already.

Greets over the big pond (I also to lived in Ontario for a couple of years - in the "forest city" London)

I looked into a Q. It has some great features, but the images are compact camera quality, not comparable to APS-C.

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