Weddings and RAW Files for Clients

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Re: Weddings and RAW Files for Clients

Put simply, I want a wedding photographer who makes it a priority to capture the memories of my event with images and provides my fiance and I with the highest quality images possible.

Of course the wedding photographer's final output with the processed files is important to my fiance and I. I had tried to explain earlier that my interest in the RAW files is mostly for "just in case" purposes and I may not want to do anything with any of them. Some examples of why I MIGHT do something with the RAW files: If my fiance had a special request, some future technology allows me to do something interesting with the extra data, etc.

I don't have the time to do everything I want to do with my own files, so I'm generally not interested in processing another photographer's files except for MAYBE the reasons above.

People here have placed a lot of weight on the artistic part of processing the images. The most talented artists in the music industry have released earlier versions of their final songs, acoustic versions, etc. This only adds to their listener's enjoyment of their work and supports how talented the artist is. It seems like RAW files could do the same.

Just like wedding photographer's take the time to adjust the final image files, some of the best artists in the music industry take great pains to arrange their songs in a certain order on an album only to have the listener skip tracks and make a playlist that plays them in some other sequence and fades them into other songs.

Imagine what it would be like if these artists wouldn't sell us the album unless it was part of their playback equipment that only played the songs in the order intended at the volume intended on the speakers intended, etc. At some point the artist's artistic vision starts to conflict with providing their customer's what they want.

Again, I want a wedding photographer who makes it a priority to capture the memories of my event with images and doesn't make his/her artistic vision too much of a priority.

NONETHELESS, the red flags in regards to this potential client are still there. Can you imagine the questions or even suggestions regarding the photography technique which might occur throughout the day?

"I'd like you to use a longer lens here."

"I'd like you to light her with an accent there."

"You're using a 24-105 L? Do you have a 24-70? It has less distortion on the wide end."

"What ISO are you shooting at? I want these pictures to be noise free without having to do any reduction in post."

I, personally, would not want him, either.

ziggyzed wrote:

to the op, to cut a long story short.....Just as YOU have the perogative to try to find a competant professional to provide you with raw files..... the photographers you ask have the perfect right to refuse your request!! As would I. You have NO right to question their reasons for refusal, and personally I dont care why you want them!!

If you were already a pain in that regard (by not accepting that it is not how i, and obviously , most of the other pros here conduct our business ) how much other grief are you going to give later.I suspect you would be a nightmare to deal with.
I would not take you on as a apology!!

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