My dilemma.... GX1 or X100?!

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Thomas Kachadurian
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Re: My dilemma.... GX1 or X100?!

OliSones wrote:

Hi all,

First time poster but long time reader!

I know this questions has been asked a few times but wondered if anyone has made a decision regarding the x100 and GX1 and how they have got on...

I currently use the GF1 with mainly a 20mm pancake which stays on most of the time which I use for street shots and generally 'out and about' . I also have a D7000 that I bring out for most of my work based shooting. My dilemma at the moment is whether I ditch the m43 system and take a different approach to my everyday shooting with the X100. I love my GF1 and would hope the GX1 would continue this, but I feel I need a challenge.

I'm only in a position get one camera, so is it worth taking a punt on the x100 and give myself a change or stick with what I know. It would be good know if any folks out there have been in a similar situation!

I had sold my m43 and then when the x100 came out bought one. I used it for three months and realized how much better the m43 is. It's much more mature. The X100 is a camera in beta.

But, why compare a GX1 to an x100? There's no viewfinder on the GX1, and that's a large part of the draw of the x100.

compare the x100 to a g3, GH2, or E-M5.


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