LR 4.0 will not run on Windows XP...alternatives are ???

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fraserhadden Regular Member • Posts: 293
A mathematical solution?

Some maths might help.

a. If you can find an alternative to LR, how many hours will it take you to achieve the level of skill you now have in using LR?

b. How much does Windows 7 Home Premium cost?

c. What is the cost difference between the LR upgrade and the alternative?

Calculate b+c/a to give yourself an hourly rate.

To illustrate the principle (I live in UK so have used UK prices): if

(a) it will take you 40 hours to learn the alternative to a high level of skill;
(b) W7 costs £80;
(c) the LR upgrade and the alternative cost about the same,

You are valuing your time at £2 per hour if you go the 'alternative' route.

If you think you are worth more than this, go the LR4/W7 route. There are other factors obviously - time taken to learn the changes in LR4, for one - but your extant computer should run W7 fine, so the principle stands.


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