El cheapo bag takes E-PL3 underwater!

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Re: Thank you for doing the testing for me!

A pleasure, Louis. I'm planning to go a bit deeper tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Ok, E-PM1 and 12mm. What do I need? And should I put something round the lens, like a cut jam jar top, to increase the diameter?

Ah, yes, that was the thread, the one you started, where I saw it mentioned!

Louis -- the size of bag I got, 13.5 x 18cm, won’t take the 12mm lens. It would be fine in position because there's plenty of room for the lens to poke forward -- there's even an extension piece to make it even longer for zoom lenses.

The problem would be getting the camera in through the opening. It's basically a flat envelope with the opening on the shorter side and the mouth of it is narrowed just a fraction too, which doesn’t help.

I just hauled out a tape measure and checked -- the E-PL3 with the 17mm lens in place is a very tight fit sliding in, and it measures 23 cm dead around the thickest point (9.25" for the great unwashed -- did you know that most American states had/have regulations for converting to metrics in place, but have never activated them? Intriguing, huh? :)).

So there's a measurement to check for the E-PM1 with the 12 fitted. The E-PM1 is a little thinner but I would be surprised if that made enough difference.

So, to use the 12 you probably need a slightly larger envelope.

To increase the diameter of the lens I would think first of a bit of sponge rubber held in place by an elastic band. As it is, with the 17 lens in place, it's fine.

Another thought -- the front of the lens window screws off. There isn't enough room to get your fingers in to fit the lens after inserting the camera, but a little padded pliers arrangement might do the trick! I was thinking of something like a simple scissor set up to fit the kit zoom, but then reflected that there's no way to zoom the zoom so I abandoned all such thoughts!

Once you have the camera in place you can fit a filter (or two -- we all know your shocking propensities in that direction!) through the front window. I was thinking of a GND for those half in the water, half out type shots.

I took one yesterday with the TZ7. Okay, I know it's awful, but that was just the first test in knee deep water with a bit of a slop stirring up the sand and whatever!

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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