X-pro1 review in DSLRMagazine.com, in Spanish.

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Re: X-pro1 review in DSLRMagazine.com, in Spanish.

Gamdek wrote:

In Dslr Magazine you can find the review of the Fuji X-Pro1 and its 3 lenses.
It is a nice review and it can be seen that the camera is really really good.

Thank you for the HU; this is what I call "review"...

As for the lenses: The 18/2 was better than what we used to think so far; the corner sharpness seems to be satisfactory although not stellar.

The 35/1.4, looks like a modified Sonnar design. Better performance than the 18mm however not as successful at the first couple of apertures as the 23/2 on the X100 showing more uniform sharpness over the entire sensor field. ( http://www.dslrmagazine.com/pruebas/pruebas-tecnicas/x100-rendimiento/2.html ) Following f4, though, it's outstanding. (Do not compare in regard to the numbers on the vertical axis as the sensors on the X100 and X-Pro1 do not have the same number of pixels).

The 60/2.4 deserving all kinds of praise (except probably the relatively slower AF, a member in this forum who received it was complaining about.)

Especially with digital, we should not expect uniform corner to corner sharpness for normal and wide angle lenses of non-retrofocus designs. The 23/2, from this regard seems to be an exceptionally good lens (IMHO, paradigm is this lens, for a number of 50 or 60mm macro lenses on crop formats perform equally great.) Hopefully the new 23/2 for the X-Pro1 would have the same characteristics since the 35mm equivalent is the most popular FL in the rangefinder world..

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