Chuck Westfall answers questions regarding Canon 5D Mark III

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Re: Chuck Westfall answers questions regarding Canon 5D Mark III

ColoradoView wrote:

Compact40MP wrote:

But, it is not time for secrets. They(Canon) are reading these forums and they should know from numerous posts that the message from many Canon users, their customers, ic clear - let as know when 30+ MP cam,era is going to be announced or we'll switch to Nikon. This is not right moment for secrets!

I'm sorry but the idea that Canon reads this forum is humorous. The signal-to-noise ratio is just too high to gather any real data from it. When companies do market research, they pay large amounts of money to hire agencies that gather data from actual existing customers and potential new customers. A free-to-register internet forum does no such filtering.

How many people posting they are "switching to Nikon" are really going to switch? How many of those people actually own a upper-end Canon camera now? How many can afford the D800? How many are trolling the forums because that's what they do on the internet?

Now, I agree with you. I would love to see questions such as future product scheduling and DR improvements for RAW files answered. But Canon will release such information when they feel it is advantageous to them based on their own market research, not because the post count over here reaches some magical number.

part of the problem with those types of groups is it is too easy to miss out on things and you get stuff like "we were told in our groups that 5D AF was perfect so we re-used it in the 5D2" and stuff like DR and so on are all to easy to get passed over

heck they didn't even think to put manual control for video! if they had asked forums they would have known, instnatly, YES!

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