Help : problem with taking pictures of scenes with highlights

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Re: Help : problem with taking pictures of scenes with highlights

I shoot tons of night photos, and have had (to me at least) much success.

I don't really do anything special, except to expose for the reflected light, and do a hasty 'zone' type calculation, and go just ridiculous in blocking flare. I try to use a tripod as often as possible, but when not possible, find something that is solid and can be pressed hard against on two axes, and do a remote or at least self-timer shot. I rarely go as high as ISO100. That's it. In stubborn, challenging situations, I'll have to take about 2 or 3 pics, checking each one afterwards and tweaking.

You will need to work with the RAW to discover the best exposure, compressing or teasing highlight or shadows as the situation demands, and in rare cases, getting geometric with the curves (far easier to do with night shots than day shots!).

Light sources will blow out to heck, and you'll often get some starbursts or washed out regions, but with careful colour balancing, it will only add to your image. On the plus side, shots in the same area may have the same white balance, and probably similar exposure too, speeding up the processing time.

Sorry for not providing much guidance, but maybe I can at least provide some hope!

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