Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

Started Mar 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP zerozeronine Contributing Member • Posts: 595
WFT-E6A is the solution we're looking for?

Seems like the WFT-E6A allows the 1D X to become a web server so that your iPhone or iPad can "see" and control the 1D X. The 5D III has a corresponding wifi adapter also.

Sounds like this capability was around with the 1D IV, so the HTTP feature for the D4 isn't completely new.

Granted, this example is only for the C300, but it seems like you can't point at a location for focus, and the screen updates are limited to 1 FPS. That, along with the battery drain on the camera, may make this not as useful as I had hoped:


Does anyone know if this will be true for the 1D X? Can you really not point and focus? Are screen updates really that slow?


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