Another cool thing about the K-5!

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Re: Another other cool thing about the K-5!

Congrat on your K5!

That speaks a lot of a hubby who sells the Pentax gear to pay bills!
If I already had mine, i don't know if I had sold K5 to pay my bills....
But there were things I did that I could not do today.
Desperate situations call for desperate act!

Hope she is better and will remain well.

jimrpdx wrote:

kentokun12 wrote:

Pentax P30 1986-2001

Went through yrs when I could not afford but small camera and owned Digital lower camera of 2-300bucks until K7 in 2010 and K5 in 2011 yesterday!.

Perhaps because I had to wait for a long time while I battled illness in 2002-2003 (and paying off hospital bill for a few years) and devoting to schooling for career improvement for another two years etc,,, my personal satisfaction for having been able to finally own DSLR is phenomenal. And K5 truly is worthy of this sentiment!!! Some think I have too much emotions and money invested in my camera,,, but I don't' think so...

Congratulations, on the camera and even more on surviving the battles. I understand that even though it's been 2nd-hand: my wife's health in the past 2 years has led to my roller-coaster Pentax list¹ as I'd acquire gear, then sell to pay bills, start fresh overextend and retrench. She insisted over the holidays that I grab the best - and we all know that's a K-5 ordered 1/1/12.

Other than focus peaking I see nothing on the horizon to make me think the next camera will be enough better to make me feel bad. The K-5 is far better at recording than I am at creating, and it will take years for me to learn its abilities well enough to justify what it can do. And it's great at video clips, which is all that I will need for video.

I was shocked recently when I turned the cam diagonally for an 'artsy' shot of it - the K-5 kept itself level and tilted me! ! Guess it knows 'artsy' better than I.. no surprise there.

¹ k100, k-7, k200, k-x, k-r, k200 mkII, k-5.. and that's just bodies!
Jim in Oregon --
a200 -> F550exr -> G1 + K-5

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