Good X10 news from Fujifilm Australia

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Re: Good X10 news from Fujifilm Australia

Danielepaolo wrote:

As Michael said, you needed to hit 4. The service guy who answered knew why I was ringing and offered me advice on how to reduce orbs - i.e. get frimware 1.03 and use EXR mode.

Jade Willow wrote:

I'm really in two minds about this. Regardless of all the hysteria around here, the orbs have not been a worrying issue for me - and I'm really happy with the performance of the camera in other areas. Will probably go for the sensor replacement - just hope I won't be sorry afterwards.

Are you worried we might lose some quality with the new sensor? I am thinking it will be fine but it is unlikely we will be first so we will get to see results before we hand our camera in.

I suppose so. The fact is that if I did not read DPreview, I would be out there taking photos in orbless bliss. They've never been an issue with the type of photography I do. I have had blown highlights in some night shots, but nothing really drastic. I suppose I'll go ahead and get it done though.

BTW, I pressed Option 5, so I'll ring them back up and press 4 instead!

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