Prints darker than reality / what my eyes are seeing?

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Re: Photo looks underexposed

ZoranC wrote:

Dash29 wrote:

john enea wrote:

I had pretty much the same issue you did when i first got my pro printer. but I asked questions and I listened, digested and applied what help I received. Guess what? within an hour I had the problem fixed and have gone on to print many great prints!

When you come to a board like this and ask a question, you need to be humble. Asking for help is in no way a sign of weakness. the point of asking for help is so you can learn from more experienced people. but you clearly went about it in the wrong way.

I know exactly what your problem is. I could type three very short and to the point paragraphs telling you what you need to do. but clearly you don't like being told what to do. As such I'll stop typing and keep grinning as you dig yourself deeper and deeper into your hole

I cant understand why you type three short paragraphs

If you mean why he can't type that "three short paragraph" solution that we should believe he has most likely answer is because he doesn't have one and he is just full of it like majority of posters.

Thats exactly what i mean. I'd be interested what the solution is. Or dont type at all

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