Software Scams

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Re: Software Scams

waay cheap to be legit - beware

garyw1 wrote:

Whats the real scoop on these things.

I am a software junkie and own most all the real good editing software out there.

It's all up to date and I paid full price through the manufacture for them.

A friend of mine called me yesterday and bosted about a place where he can get software really cheap. Some place called "mydesigneasy" Off the wall too good to be true prices for example PCS5 extended for $300.00 LR3 $65 or maybe $29.00. Entire Suites for 2 to 3 hundred.

I know probably whatever I saw he is going to go ahead but whats the real scoop on these things.

I'm assuming you won't be able to regester or will have no support or access to updates ect....anyone know.

'The moment you think you're great is the moment you quit learning.'

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