How often do you shoot at f1.4/1.8

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Re: How often do you shoot at f1.4/1.8

when shooting fashion/portraits - almost all the time

Gabbro wrote:

For those who have f1.4/1.8 lenses (85 mm, 50 mm, 35 mm), how often do you really shoot at f1.4/1.8? I found myself usually stop down 1-2 stops with 2.8 lenses, unless in very low light and I need to squeeze out every f stop rather than bump up iso. Granted, a f1.8 lens stop down to 2.8 will be better than a 2.8 lens wide open, usually. But, if we don't shoot at f1.4/1.8 that often, why buy them?

Thanks in advance for your feed back.

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