Lens hood, filter or both?

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Re: Protection

rolandct wrote:

For me it is more about protection than improved quality. If the filter isn't going to ruin the pics I prefer the extra safety blanket, especially when I am out with the kids. Even though they know not to touch the camera and i don't even let them play with it with the lens cap on they are very young will will eventually do something (hopefully minor). So I figure as long as I'm not degrading my photos I would leave the filter on for the extra protection.

There's no need to worry. A fingerprint on your lens won't affect the image any more than a fingerprint on the filter. In fact, the coatings on your lens are probably better than the coatings on your filter, so you are better off cleaning a print off the lens that off the filter.

With kids around you may want to remove the filter, so your front piece of glass is recessed, where it's harder for the kids to get to it. Removing the filter reduces the chance of fingerprints, and keeps kids away from that fragile filter.

Remember the reason you don't want people touching the lens, is that you don't want fingerprints in the optical path. A filter doesn't help here as fingerprints on the filter are still in the optical path.

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