Why are some of the latest 4/3 mirrorless compact and similar cameras so expensive?

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Re: Why are some of the latest 4/3 mirrorless compact and similar cameras so expensiv

aruk5 wrote:

I have been wanting to buy one of the new mirrorless 4/3 offerings from Panasonic or Olympus but have noticed some of them are priced way too high, some even more expensive than a very good semi pro dslr + lens combo from Canon or Nikon. More suprisingly expensive are lower resolution mirrorless cameras coming from nikon such as their 1 series or worst of them all pentax's q which is basically a compact sensor based camera with interchangeable lens. I can understand that their bodies are smaller than dslr but then most of them cant capture images which match upto dslr standards [especially when it comes to high iso]. Logically speaking a camera giving lesser performance should be priced lower than higher!

The trend of pricing them higher reminds me of the good old days of the computer industry where a pc was cheaper than a lower spec laptop but the justification was portability where you could carry your laptop outside while not with the pc but this sort of justification doesnt apply to cameras as technically either a dslr or mirrorless camera are technically portable and can be carried around anywhere you want.

So any of you wanna share your views why mirrorless compacts are more expensive than some dslrs?

Firstly, I want you to know that M43 are not compacts; they are interchangeable lens cameras.

They are more expensive than compacts because most of compacts have far smaller sensor,

They more expensive than most compacts because they have have lens mount, more sophisticated controls, because they better in many ways except they do not fit in pocket properly.

BTW, there are now a few pretend to be compact cameras with larger sensors, but they are more expensive than M43 cameras, and they are not smaller. I mean newest breeds of Fuji.

Now, there is separate question about Mirrorless interchangeable lenses cameras and DSLR cameras (those with mirrors). I think that mirror/prizm in DSLRs is less expensive than electronic EVF, so initial quality DSLRs cost less than.

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