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Re: How about a Canon G1x?

Thank you Hoof

Yes I did think about the G1x but goodness me, in the the UK it is £700 (approx $1100) which for a compact is very expensive. Also the dealer who cna part-exchange is possibly offering me a straight swap which I prefer but they are Nikon specialists and don;t do any other make.

Also, despite what people say or think about the D5100, it is a superb camera and when coupled with FX quality lenses, you have a top rate camera and for most shoots will not be able to distinguish between this and FX - I know has I had a D7000 and used FX lenses and apart from high iso low light shots, they were as good as if not better than D700 shots.

And therein lies the main issue - as a stand alone camera with one lens in the main, it is light with quality AND if I ever need to I can 'upgrade' this further by using my pro lenses.

If I was able to afford it, I would seriously consider the G1x but keep the d700. As a working photographer, it is wise to have a back-up camera.

I understand and appreciate your recommendation and it is a good suggestion, but bot in a position to do this. Also I still have my Canon G5 which I think is brilliant and the Canon S90 - another gem of a camera.

I am likely to make my final decision tomorrow.


hoof wrote:

How about a Canon G1x? No, I'm absolutely serious.

I bought one recently, because I wanted a camera I could have everywhere. My usual setup is a D7000 + several lenses. But it's obnoxious to carry that around all the time.

I wanted a camera that was convenient, but had a big sensor and decent glass. I didn't want to go to the other mirrorless options because:

1) None are all that compact once you factor in a lens

2) I didn't want to get into another system, and end up with another set of a dozen lenses over a while. A single built-in lens, if it's good, is enough.

What I got was rather surprisingly good. The sensor is about as good as my D90 is (esp at high ISO), and the lens IQ is up there with my best zooms. The range is very useful (28mm-115mm FX eqivelant). And it fits easily into my coat pocket.

The main downside is the interface is P&S. It's Canon G-series P&S, so you have full RAW (LR4 supports their RAW just fine), and most of the controls you expect, but AF isn't Nikon 1 speed, and the viewfinder is basically a tube.

However, I suspect I'll be using my G1X everywhere. If I have a particular shoot in mind, I'll use the DSLR, but for general shooting (e.g. a trip to the family), it's really nice. And it's quiet , and looks like a normal P&S, so you won't get hassled as you would with a DSLR. IMO, it's one of the best "stealth" cameras available, as it simply doesn't look like you're taking anything other than "normal" P&S images.

If you really want a light kit with DX-quality IQ, with a good lens with a good range (28-115mm equiv.) , then this might be a good alternative. Use your heavy guns for special situations and when you don't mind the weight/bulk, and use the G1X when going light/keeping a low profile.

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