Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Transformer Prime

wow- very interesting...you have a solution for Android essentially what I wanted for iOS... one tickie for Android!...thx much for the info

Robert Anderson wrote:

I have the tablet connected by USB to either my 7D or 5D mark II. The software is a "DSLR controller" app which was about $8. The Tarnsformer Prime tablet has an optional USB adapter and also has USB available with the keyboard dock which I also have. It takes a few seconds for each image to appear on the screen after shooting. It works with stills as well as video. I have not played with the video much.

Andy617 wrote:

can you pls elaborate....so you have an Asus tablet conntected directly to which camera/ via what connection, using what software and what is your response time for the shot to appear on your tablet? Also, when you say 'live view' do you mean for video recording or still shots? If video, thats a known capability with any tablet but instant still shots on a tablet is still the missing grail....

Robert Anderson wrote:

I can use my Transformer Prime (wired) with my Canon DSLR's using the inexpensive DSLR Controller app. With this setup I can see the live view of the camera, adjust settings and shoot from the tablet. The images are transfrerred to the tablet for viewing.

I also have used an EyeFi SD card in an adapter with my Canon bodies to send images wirelessly to the tablet.
Your real problem is Apple and their closed system.

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