Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

thx Dave...I use 5D MII and have both eye card types...I've transferred both jpeg and raw and had similar results as you, however my failure rate was higher...I consider 'failure' to be taking longer than 10-15 seconds...approx every 10-12 shots it slowed down via jpeg transfer and I thought it was simply failing...then the photo would show up... I haven't spent too much time trying to further diagnose but when it didn't work well using my LAN (APE 5th Gen) sitting within 5 feet of my camera, I eventually gave up.

What intrigues me most about your comment about the WFT transfer is the speed....I can't wait to test all this on the MIII that I pre-ordered via JPEG to SD slot and compare....If money were no object, i'd prob just go with the new WFT for the MIII because Im assuming it will be at least as good as the WFT for the MII and the rage will be better than eye-fi....great to know it was only 1-2 secs...thats as fast as the LCD on the camera! thx

Dave Seeley wrote:

Andy617 wrote:

Don't mean to be picky but I totally agree with use case for ipad, but not in 'an instant' ...more like 7+ seconds to an ipad (small jpeg) via 'unsupported eye-fi...

Andy... I don't see what camera you are using... I was using the eye-fi prox2 8gb card - on a 5dmk2 with CF sd adapter.... but, I could not get mine to work reliably... I'd have a failure -at least- every 25 exposures. On the 5Dmkii, you only have one slot, so you also have to write raw to the eye-fi card - and I hear that that slows it down. If you have dual cf/sd slots, you can free up the eye-fie to just send small jpegs. My experience in testing the eyefi on my 5Dmkii, it took twice as long to write a large jpg to iPad2, than a small jpeg to iPad2.

Here's my results with testing... With my iPad 2 a few feet from my 5Dmk2, across a LAN (nearby too), I got:

small, high quality jpegs in an average of 7.3 secs, a burst of 10 in avg 5.8 secs.

small, med quality jpegs in an average of 6.1 secs, a burst of 10 in avg 5.45 secs

medium, high quality jpegs in an average of 12 secs, a burst of 10 in avg 8.2 secs
medium, med quality jpegs in an average of 8.7 secs
via ad hoc, it was almost identical.

Here's the thing... I tried the eye-fi card in my s90 with native sd slot... The closest size jpeg to the 5Dii high quality (2784x1856)= s90 M1(2816x2112)... and with the s90... I could get those to preview at average 4.4 secs. I'm hoping that a native sd slot makes the difference. I did not test the eye-fi in a dslr with a native sd slot. Love to hear similar testing results in a Canon dslr with native sd slot.

All that said, -my wft-E4II gives me a small high quality jpeg on the iPad2 in 1 to 2 seconds - while I write raw to my high speed 16gb CF card. BUT...is cost me $550

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