Walking in Budapest (3 lenses)

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Re: Nope, Loga, I must prefer the first shot

Four reasons:

  1. The shadows make a much more marked diagonal which gives visual vibrancy to the picture.

  2. The lower viewpoint -- eye level is so, well, eye level!

  3. The services cover in the color shot -- it shouldn't be there! It is distracting. It really has nothing to do with the people in this picture and it cuts into the perspective of the street and the light and the woman walking away into brightness.

  4. Black and white. Nearly all the time, I prefer color, but for some things, I prefer B&W. Have you ever seen the movie, The Third Man ? Made back in the 50s, set in a war ravaged Vienna. If you can get hold of it, think how classic your back lit, long shadow, b&w pic is (especially if you darkened it a touch).

Yes, I am a little back to the B&W pic, because it focuses much more on the topic. However, I have a third version, which is similar to the first B&W, but shows a little more on the top. It's not bad either. Sometimes I struggle to choose the ONE of the various framings of the same picture. As I observed, often it is up to my mood which one I prefer currently.

Ah, the faux SLR pentaprism hump! You're singing my song again, Loga! I'm of exactly the same view -- I dislike it intensely. I owned OM-1 back in the day, one black for b&w film and one silver to color film. A suite of lenses from 21mm-200mm. I did a lot of good work with that outfit over a period of 10 years or more and I have to say, I pushed myself to be as good as the cameras. They were the sharpest tool in the shed, as we say.

BUT while the OM-1 was an elegant design, it was that way because preeminently, it was form wrapped around beautifully designed function. With the OM-D, the form is there (although to my eye it doesn’t look particularly like an OM, just a generic SLR) and function has been stuffed into the shape. There is some rationalization about fitting in parts of the new IBIS system, but I don't buy it.

What is tempting me is the output, specifically Robin Wong's pix, the new IBIS, and the new EVF. I'm not as steady as I used to be once. I'm like you, but in the Oly camp -- I'm waiting for the E-Px with the EVF, new IBIS, and the new sensor built into that PEN body. Looking just like the PEN F back in the day (but perhaps with a bit of a grip added), which was a half-frame SLR with NO HUMP! :).

Oh, I almost forgot the hope for a new Pen with an integrated EVF, better controls and new sensor! Hopefully it will be stylish too, and then, I won't be able to resist to buy one

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