Want to 'downgrade" from D700 to D5100

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Re: D5100 control system

Rens wrote:

I agree you don't have to, but your alternative of not adjusting and being irritated and distracted would seem to be a poor alternative.

What! It is not my 'alternative'. My alternative is to avoid such distractions. Please refrain from misrepresenting what I clearly state.

As the OP will be continuing to use pro cams it seems, from my experience, an unnecessary adjustment to have to make, given a choice.

He doesn't seem to have the slightest issue here, just like I Beam in his post

He may not, you don't know, others have, which is the point.

I began with a Kiev 4a, I have adopted very different shooting styles since. I do still on occasion use MF film range-finders and hire MF digital cams, which all require a different approach, but I'd hardly say it is seamless

Not sure what you're saying here, but nothing relevent to the original post.

It is not relevant to the original post but was context to your inference that it is my lack of adaptability which causes irritation. We can all adapt to different styles / techniques, I am putting the question to the OP if it is necessary to make adaptations or adjustments when there are alternatives. As I pointed out, for 'me' it is a compromise that interjects into the flow of how I shoot if I have to adapt significantly to the body I am using. It is always a matter of personal preference, allow me to have mine?

Your suggestion that the OP considers the Fuji X-Pro 1 ignores the OP's main reason for looking at the D5100, namely the swivel screen his limited mobility requires. The Fuji has a fixed screen.

It is a matter of priorities and how important a swivel screen is.

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