Monitors - Wide Gamut etc ?

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Monitors - Wide Gamut etc ?

Having seen that my bank balance is better than expected, and recently seen some nice looking 24" (wide) monitors (I'm currently on a 19" Samsung) I'm considering getting a new monitor.

Slight issue with many review sites is that they're not really biased towards photographers. So although Colour might be one of the criteria - it's not always the top. Anybody got any site suggestions ?

Initially read that IPS hardware was good.

Being the cheapskate that I am and learning that it was an IPS monitor - I was considering the Dell U2412M.

But after digging a little deeper found that it's only an eIPS (e for economy) and found out that it will only just cover sRGB, not AdobeRGB

So reading into Wide Gamut monitors at the moment e.g. NEC spectraviews etc.

What are people's thoughts on the topic ?

I've read that since they are roughly AdobeRGB - when they try to display sRGB especially in non colour management aware apps then they can distort colours.
Is this still true ?
References I read are a couple of years old.


As a result, monitors with an extended color gamut – which is extended relative to the standard sRGB gamut – will distort colors when displaying sRGB-oriented pictures prepared in sRGB-oriented software that does not know anything about non-sRGB monitors. The monitor will just stretch the sRGB-oriented picture out to fit its own gamut. Not only the pure colors, but also halftones will shift. The only exception is white and gray which are going to look correctly on any monitor unless the monitor is set up badly.

What are the cheapest AdobeRGB monitors about ?
Dell U2410 seems an option (the precursor but better version of the U2412M)
Anybody got a (recent) list of AdobeRGB/Wide Gamut monitors + reviews/prices ?

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