Want to 'downgrade" from D700 to D5100

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Re: D5100 control system

Rens wrote:

Every time I use a D5100 it irritates me,

Perhaps you should get past your irritation and concentrate on the camera's strengths. Nothing in this world is perfect, we have to come to terms with how things are and not constantly fret about imperfections.

No, I choose not to use the camera unless I have to, such as when teaching. Of course I could adjust, but I don't have to.

and I'm reminded of the tool which is distracting from capturing the shot.

I think it's yourself rather than the tool which is distracting you. I'm sure you could work around the camera's limitations quickly and efficiently if you chose to, without distracting yourself.

No, if all my DSLR's have and always have had two control wheels, and even my carry around Ricoh does it is a distraction when I have to move to one, unless I change my shooting style. I am not going to stop using those in favour of a tool with lesser controls unless I have no other choice.

As the OP will be continuing to use pro cams it seems, from my experience, an unnecessary adjustment to have to make, given a choice.

I began with a Kiev 4a, I have adopted very different shooting styles since. I do still on occasion use MF film range-finders and hire MF digital cams, which all require a different approach, but I'd hardly say it is seamless

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