Official first samples are sooo boring

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Re: Official first samples are sooo boring

Actually as a full time photographer the images posted were exactly what I needed to see to help me decide if I wanted one or not.

The amazing examples of quality in the D800 samples immediately made me want it but I'll agree that I would have liked to have seen some event/concert photos with the D4. There aren't many photos showcasing it's primary use, low light.

However, just because you're a full time photographer doesn't mean you have more opportunity than anyone else to create amazing photos. Actually, having a test camera is like going on vacation with your camera. What I mean is, you're limited in your time that you can take photos so you need to make things happen and in that case, the vision behind the shots sometimes suffers.

I disagree with using the term "amateurs" because everyone is human and capable of taking the same photos and there are lot of photographers who don't shoot for money who have WAY better vision than many full time photographers.

Photography has NEVER been about gear, only vision. There IS a limit to this comment, such as being able to produce larger prints, but it's the vision behind the print that will make it look so much better in the first place even if you can't print it 4' wide.

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