Can I zoom in, lock focus, then zoom out and keep focus?

Started Mar 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can I zoom in, lock focus, then zoom out and keep focus?

I use one of these, I know it fits on the d70-90 and D100-300 but I don't know what else it fits on.

It's not a huge amount of magnification (1.2x or so) but it doesn't cut off the edges of what would normally be visible either (which was why I preferred it). I should warn you that the D70 has a poor viewfinder, but it is I believe a pentaprism, I'm not sure how bright a magnifier would be with pentamirrors.

There's a flip up one for macro focusing that's 2x, I think but it adds an extra step (flip up to compose and down for fine focus). The DK-21M isn't too expensive, but doesn't do a whole lot, either. If fine focus were important to me, I'll "borrow" my wife's NEX every time. Focus peaking is great for fast rangefinder like shots, or 7/14x zoom allows very fine focus adjustments (I've only used it for manual, but I'd think it would work with AF; I've never tried it).

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